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Why AXA Art?

AXA Art Insurance is the world’s only specialist focused exclusively on insuring fine art and other valuable objects, with a noted reputation among fine art professionals, collectors, museums and curators. We continue the traditions of our founding company, Nordstern, while adding the best practices and financial stability of AXA Global.

What makes us so special?

Large Size :: As a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Group, we are the largest single insurance company in the world by premium, with over 125,000 employees, and ranked 14th on Forbes Global 500. This gives us economies of scale in negotiating reinsurance rates and treaties. AXA Global acts as a single buyer in the reinsurance market place, and with volume comes leverage. Thus, we are able to write large risks, complex risks, and engineered risks that other companies cannot. We have immense capacity with our New York office providing over $250 million in underwriting authority.

Small Size :: Our U.S. operation is self-contained. Your security and privacy is one of our top priorities. While we have offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Hartford and Dallas, we maintain our own files without interference from AXA Global. Each office is an independent unit. Each underwriter is also the one who monitors and services the account, housing it in the same region. Being small also allows us to be nimble�we can make quick decisions and act directly.

Unique :: AXA Art maintains a network of conservators, art historians, restoration experts and appraisers ready to assist us and our clients in evaluating and maintaining claims. If the loss is overseas, we can access our global network through AXA Europe or Asia. Barbara Madrigal, AXA vice president, personally handles every claim efficiently with over 20 years of insurance experience and 12 years fine art expertise. Additionally, legal counsel for consultation is available when needed.

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