Fine Art Transit Coverage

Protect your valuable art from transportation risks with quality insurance

The globalization of the art market and the rise of e-commerce and the Internet have made nationwide and international art acquisitions possible. For most art collectors, the highest risk they might face doesn’t include theft. In fact, it is when art is on the move that the biggest risks present themselves.

A large proportion of art claims are derived from transit losses. Private collectors enjoy lending, particularly as exhibitions in renowned institutions can increase value. This is ideal – until something goes wrong.

Moving Art

When handling artwork, packing for transportation is a top concern for insurance carriers. Most insurance policies require that the art must be packaged as someone in the industry would pack it: safe, secure, and protective from breaking. Whether you are moving art pieces on the high seas, in the air, by rail or vehicle, you will want to ensure that you have insurance to protect your prized piece.

Limit Your Financial Loss

You may want to think twice before choosing insurance provided by the courier. Even private art handling companies or commercial air freight carriers have limitations on coverage, territory, and deductibles. Keep in mind that although these services are used for fragile and non-fragile fine art, things happen within their control and outside of their control. We offer insurance policies for protection that limits your financial losses and quick settlements.

Protect your treasures no matter where they are in the world, whether it is on a wall in Manhattan, a truck to Toronto or a plane to Paris. At Ard Knox Insurance, we are industry specialists in art and insurance. We understand the risks that artwork faces when it is being transported. As a result, we can find suitable and protective policies for your prized pieces.

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