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Whether your gallery is large or small, you are skilled in assessing art and have the keen ability to determine what makes a work of art valuable. As an art dealer or the owner of an art gallery, you are providing a great service. Art comes in all shapes and forms, can evoke memories and feelings, and can even force controversial subjects to the forefront of national debate. At Ard Knox Insurance, our knowledge and expertise in fine art sets us apart and helps ensure your gallery is properly covered.

Art is priceless – and often one-of-a-kind. So, how do you get quality compensation if your gallery suffers from a fire or individuals vandalize the displace space? Not only do you face the need to recover the space, but the losses of the artwork, too. Art gallery insurance meets the specific needs of business owners in this industry so that you do not have to face the risks and expenses alone.

Property Damage Cover

Most forms of artwork can be easily destroyed in seconds by water, fire, and other disasters. Often, gallery owners and art dealers do not have the rights to town particular pieces, but provide a means for the artist to display and/or sell their work. In this case, special insurance considerations must be taken into account. Due to the complexity of insuring this type of property, it is highly encourages that you work with an insurance agent who is a professional in fine art matters. Luckily, the team at Ard Knox Insurance are right fit.

Liability Insurance

We live in a litigious society. Your commercial general liability insurance coverage will protect your gallery from financial losses if someone is injured while visiting your gallery. Slips, falls, injuries from touching sharp artwork, and additional accidents are covered. Furthermore, your general liability insurance will safeguard you during events such as exhibit openings or fundraisers held at your gallery. Alcohol is often served at these events, and your gallery could be held liable if someone causes an accident while intoxicated.

Additional Insurance

In addition to property damage and liability insurance, you may consider securing workers’ compensation insurance, business income insurance, flood and earthquake insurance, employee dishonesty insurance, and more. Moreover, non-profit galleries and 501(c)3 organizations will need suitable protection to safeguard finances. It is considered best practice for such an organization to have an insurance policy in place to protect itself and the artwork.

Just as the exhibits you display are unique, the insurance policy they rightfully command should be, too. At Ard Knox Insurance, we understand the specific needs and risks associated with insuring art galleries. We work closely with a number of the US’s leading insurers to design a bespoke art gallery insurance product that can be tailored to your needs.

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